Thursday, December 1, 2011

Adventure Day 9

Hyatt Resort & Key home for now.

Marc was on a work conference call for an hour or so this morning while I enjoyed room service looking at this view:

A little after 9am, his call was over. He grabbed his coffee, leaned over the balcony, and took in the scenery. A few seconds later he started singing a Jimmy Buffett song:

"End of the road?
What do we do then?
Rev it up and jump that buggy to Havanna
We're goin' conky tonkin'..."

With that, he looked back at me, smiled and said, "Let's rent a boat!"

...and we did.

The 'Starship Escalade' ran out of road but we hadn't run out of adventure, so Cap'n Marc took to the sea in search of...nothing but that elusive horizon.

My crucial job as Co-Cap'n was to kick back and soak in the day.

Once we tossed anchor and made land, I knew I had island fever and wanted know more about life on Key West. I had a nice long talk with one of the island's oldest residents. I asked him how I could make this lifestyle permanent. He didn't say much but contemplated how this city girl could give up her nails and heels for ponytails and flip-flops.

Our conversation was interrupted by an island native who asked me to dance "The Scrub Dance" which he said was indigenous to The Keys. The dance was rigid and his hands were a bit 'spongy'...

I came to the conclusion that I'll be island tourist and do what us tourists do at Key West...

For the second night in a row, we ordered a Margarita and a spectaular sunset...and wouldn't you know,they were both made to perfection!

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