Friday, December 2, 2011

Adventure Day 10

Time to chart the course back home...oh the heavy sigh...

I know, you really feel for me, right?

The Adventure has been wonderful and the weather has been picture perfect.

We sadly left Key West and headed north on US-1.

Marc still feeling a little 'Pirate' thought we should make a stop in Treasure Island, FL.

We landed 'The Starship Escalade' at an appropriate docking station...the aptly named, "Caddy's on the Beach" and had a drink or two...

We enjoyed the sun, the beach, and the postcard view that will soon become just a distant memory...

The only complaint this New Yorker had is THIS somehow doesn't seem right...

A snowman on the beach?

Then we said a sad adieu to our fellow feathered friend from Key West...

Yes, Carisa and Lori...he's been following us. We named him Scully.
Oh, and by the way Carisa, we gave him the Savannah pralines to bring to you...let me know when you get them!

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  1. Jackie & Vinnie KleinDecember 2, 2011 at 10:15 PM

    So glad you had fun in Key West.. hope you stopped at the Hog's Breath for Happy Hour...Please stop overnight in Palm Beach Gardens since you're traveling US-1.You have to drive Ocean Blvd through Palm Beach and wave to Trump's huge flag at Maralago...the mansions you'll see are unbelievable..stop for lunch or dinner at Charlie's Crab or the Palm Beach Grill and don't miss walking on Worth Ave.... the Rodeo Drive on the East Coast...City Place is fun too...Don't miss Happy Hour at the Waterway on the intracoastal...say hi to our crazy and wild retired NYC cops and firemen.. they really know how to party!!stop for some shopping at the Gardens Mall...let Marc wander the mall as you head to Louis Vuitton!!