Saturday, January 30, 2010

Peace Out

For the second weekend in a row, Marc and Eric were supposed to go upstate snowmobiling with “the guys.”


They love it.

I love it.

Another win/win.

They were looking for some rugged manly adventure and I was looking for some peace and quiet. Well, peace is out for this weekend. Last weekend there wasn’t enough snow and this weekend it’s 2 below.

Change of plans.

Instead of a quiet weekend to myself, a very large poker game is ensuing bringing with it high levels of testosterone and talks of anything with a motor.


Jena and I would balance that out with trips to Barnes & Noble, a good ‘chick flick’ or at the very least making fun of those ‘dirty’ boys. But life’s sucker-punch left me to fend for myself among the world of men. I’m sure she is laughing at me from heaven.

It’s crazy in this house now with college boys in and out all hours of the day and wee hours of the night.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s all good.  I think it’s great that Eric is surrounded by his friends and it’s kind of nice they all call me “Mom.”

But peace…well, that’s not happening here and certainly not tonight.

Life as I knew it is over.  I don’t have my baby girl to even out the odds.  I don’t have the life that I thought I signed up for either.  And now, I don’t even have the quiet weekend I was looking forward to.  The reality is that life is constantly changing and I have to learn to change with it.

I hear them dealing the cards, the chips falling on the poker table, and they’re calling my name.  Guess it’s time to show those boys how to play Texas Hold ‘Em.  I take a deep sigh, smile and grab my wallet.  Sometimes when life throws you curves, you just have to adjust and find a new adventure…

...and besides, I have an angel up my sleeve.

Peace out!


  1. Margarete,
    You have a good hand-le on it and without the need to bluff your opponet. Your honesty is what makes the cards in your favor. Continue to play the hand that your given making this world a better place in this ever changing life that we have. Peace through out!

  2. You are amazing and have an angel with you always.

  3. We are ever changing and reshaping.You are an inspiration!

  4. No one I know handles change better than you. You handle Life better than I could ever, and God knows what he is doing. The next time the boys call a poker night you call the girls and have a girls night. You have a lot good girl friends who would love to spend time with you.

  5. Margarete, you never cease to be inspiring. I know what life is like in a house full of guys and though it's not the same, when my daughter first moved away, I felt adrift too.

    The ability to roll with what life throws you is priceless.


  6. No-one handles the struggles of life better than Margarete...although how she does it is beyond me. It's the reason she's my hero.

    I fully expect to hear that she took every one of those good 'ole boys for every penny they had...and they'll probably owe her take-out for the next month on top of it.

    You GO, them what a strong woman can do! For there's no-one stronger....

  7. You are such a solid rock, yet ever so flexible. As bittersweet as life may seem at times, you are what many aspire to be. You're the heartbeat for many!... Kc