Thursday, February 4, 2010

Livin' On A Prayer

How do you live?

Are you living for the moment?

Are you living in the past?

How about, living on a prayer?

No, not the Bon Jovi song

…the real prayer

…the kind you say when you've got nothing left to hold you up.

…the kind that knocks you to your knees and your only option is prayer.

You’ve had those days I’m sure.  You pray your father makes it through surgery.  You pray your 18 year old daughter makes it home safely from college during a winter storm.  You pray the doctor says you're in remission.

Then there are those days that cut you to your core.

You’re breathing, but you're not alive.  You’ve got nothing inside to hold you up anymore.  You've got nothing to lean on.  Nothing but prayer. Religious or not, you find yourself asking, begging and bartering with God to lift you out of wherever it is that you are.  You’re lost and you don’t even know how to ask for directions.

I’ve been there.

I remember looking up and screaming, “GOD, I CAN’T DO THIS!”

That was my prayer. That was it.

That prayer was my request that He would take me too, like He took my Jena.  But for some unknown reason He left me here, barely breathing.

My prayer was answered.

I’m still here because of the love that surrounds me…namely my girlfriends.  These fabulous ladies saw to it that I got out of bed before noon, ate something each day and sat with me for hours on end; sometimes never saying a word. They took care of everything.  They did this for weeks.  They fed my body and soul.  And people say I’m strong. Ha!  I couldn’t breathe without my girls.

Looking back, I know that talking with God, screaming at God, praying to God is sometimes all you need to do and then trust Him do the rest.

What is the ultimate prayer? “Thy will be done.”

Jena and God saw to it that you can live on a prayer.

Maybe Bon Jovi had it right all along…

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  1. she swung by the other night . . . in case you didn't know. Oh, and my self imposed deadline for my writing is her birthday (as it turns out)...guess I can stop worrying (still working hard though!). Sorry I can't make it to GA.

  2. Beautiful and inspiring as always Margarete.