Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Voted

I vote for presidents

not idols.

I know who Sean Hannity is but have no idea what a Kardashian is.

I really don’t care for television and think the term “Reality TV” is an oxymoron.

But yesterday was different.

Yesterday, Ali and her little sister Christina were living out their dream on America’s Got Talent and I watched with undivided attention. I got to not only watch their dream unfold before my very eyes but I got to help continue to “Make-A-Wish” come true.

Christina and Ali are sisters who have Cystic Fibrosis and are pursuing their dreams of singing on national TV. When they were little, they were told that they never would be able to because of the constant assault CF executes to the lungs.

America’s Got Talent has launched the girls' dream by getting them through the first 2 rounds of competition. Now it’s up to us, America, to see that dream continue. In my opinion, the show has gone from America’s Got Talent to America’s Got Responsibility.

Another life lesson folks: It’s not always about being the best of the best but about being the best of “you.” It’s about living with determination, overcoming insurmountable odds and pursing your dream with all you’ve got. If I can help, then I’m all in. I’ll even watch TV and learn how to “call in a vote.”

Watching these girls sing was amazing. I clapped, I cheered and I cried, all from my living room couch. You have no idea what these girls have to go through just to stand there and belt out one song.

You have no idea.

Want to have an inkling of how it feels to have CF lungs? Grab a straw, stick it in your mouth and only breathe through that while you go about your day…

...yeah, now try singing.

One vote does make a difference.

One vote for two dreams. Great return on investment, don’t you think?

Okay, truth be told, I voted more than once. I voted ten times from my home phone, ten times from blackberry, and ten times from my husband’s cell. I even voted twice via text until I realized AT&T isn’t my provider and the votes didn’t count. Being a newbie to this type of voting, I got excited to be a part of something special. But I’m aged in knowing when to support a dream, and I’ll do anything I can.

These girls’ dreams are amazing.

Their message is phenomenal.

They are what heroes are made of.

I know how to vote for a president...

...and now I know how to vote for an idol!

Do you?


  1. I don't watch America's Got Talent so I had no idea that this was going on. You bet I'll be there watching next time and voting for two little girls who are facing life with determination and optimism in spite of overwhelming odds.


  2. My vote is in They made me cry too.
    I hope they go all the way. I told everyone
    I know to vote 2

  3. Love it...they are the heroes!

  4. Great news! Christina and Ali made it through to the next round of America’s Got Talent! Thank you to all the CF community for voting for them to help raise awareness about cystic fibrosis & help these two girls get one step closer to achieving their dream!

  5. I'm voting again TONIGHT!!! I hope you do too!