Friday, July 2, 2010

Feel that

Feel that?

Smell that?

Hear that?

Yup..those are my official sounds of summer.

You gotta thank Mother Nature for always nudging us to, “Move along, little ones…move along.”

It’s been a long-hard Spring in the CF world.  There have been some seriously heartbreaking stories, tissue boxes full of tears, and questions that will never be answered this side of heaven.
There are so many times I want to give up, throw my hands in despair, and SCREAM

Then I hear a little voice say, “If not you then who?”

I put my hands down, kick my own ass, and tell myself get over it and keep fighting.

I will.

But not today.

Today I need to grab a hotdog, soak up the sunshine, and chill with family and good friends.  It’s time I acknowledge how grateful I am to be alive, to be breathing, and to feel loved.

Love is a good thing.

No,it’s not just good…Love is the greatest thing.
 As Sarah says, “Love, Love, Love.” 

This blog is short because you should be shutting off the computer, laughing with friends, and be giving thanks to those who fought for our independence.

Life is about balance.

Life is about working hard toward your dreams and never giving up.

Life is about love.

Now go love yourself and get outside, you never know what you'll find.


  1. You know, I was just thinking, Margarete, the same thing about 4th of July really making it feel like summer. Somehow June always gets lost for me, and then July arrives and I realize it's summer! :)

    We'll miss you and your pool this weekend. Have a good 4th.

  2. Beautiful thoughts...just back from watching balloons floating over the Hudson.. there are some great things going on in the world.. thanks for reminding us to be present.

    Bob Auchincloss Gfather to Ada King

  3. Hope that you had an emjoyable weekend. It is great to be alive to enjoy it.

  4. Just caught up with your blog. Hope you had a fabulous fourth! Once again, you're so right. Life is for living and loving.


  5. I have been deeply consoled to find you, Margarete! You remind me of myself in many ways. Really appreciated how honest you were in your book, and are on this blog. Please keep it up----we CF families need to stick together. I, for one, am very grateful to you and your family. :)

    God bless,
    Nina (mom of 2 with CF)