Sunday, November 27, 2011

Adventure Day 5

Savannah, GA

"Mommy, the Titanic!"
The first time I visited Savannah, GA was in 1998 on a family trip. Jena was about 6 years old. One morning she had gotten up early and stood on our balcony and watched this huge merchant ship floating down the Savannah River. She yelled, "Mommy, the Titanic!" and the very next moment that ship let out an alarmingly loud blow of it's fog horn.  I sprung to my feet, and we stood out there watching this enormous boat float past us. It was one of the best memories with Jena.
Last year on our 'Adventure Trip to Nowhere' we ended up here on Dec 4th...the worst day of the year.
Marc and I managed to get through the day with heavy hearts and puffy eyes.  We stayed at a hotel in town, far away from the river, and tried to enjoy the painfully sweet memories of our last family trip to Savannah.
 ...and somehow we ended up back here again...
This year we stayed at a hotel right on the river.
This year we woke up to the sound of a ship's foghorn deafening blow.
This year I yelled, "Titanic!" and ran to the balcony to watch it float by.
I just love Savannah.
 I love the history, the Live Oak trees heavy with Spanish moss, and who doesn't love all that Southern hospitality?
If you ever make your way to Savannah,'s my 'Top 3 must-see List'
  1. First, go to Huey's on the River for the BEST coffee ever!  I felt like I was in a coffee commercial when I asked our Paula Dean look-alike waitress, "Excuse me, but what brand of coffee do you use?"
She cheerfully said in her charming southern drawl,"Oh Darlin' I'll just share our little secret with y'all." And with that she took out a pen and jotted this on our paper tablecloth:
2. Then walk down River Street and stop here:
You can't miss the wonderful smells seeping out of this place. No one can resist trying a free sample or two of their mouth-watering warm pralines right out of the oven.
3. For dinner and a little history...go here:
Huge thanks to our Facebook friends who kindly answered our quest of, "Where's a good place for dinner?"
Thanks to the suggestion to go to The Olde Pink House , we had a little history lesson (Georgia's First Bank) and a sensational dinner!
When dining here, you must order their "BLT", Fried Green Tomatoes & Sweet Bacon with Black Pepper Thyme Buttermilk dressing.  It's been featured on The Food Network's, "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" ...and Marc agrees whole-heartedly.
But truth be told...the very BEST thing to do in Savannah, by far, make "titanic" fact, make them wherever you go...

"...near, far, wherever you are I believe that the heart does go on...once more you open the door and you're here in my heart "

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  1. PJ Hadden - Charlotte, NCNovember 28, 2011 at 8:26 AM

    We got married in Savannah in 2004 after several long weekend trips there. The history, the "squares", the houses and gardens are incredible. If you go back again, there are so many fun and informative tours to try out. We became friendly with one of the tour guides that runs his own "Haunted Pub Crawl". Savannah is know to be one of the best haunted cities in the US. He's a captivating storyteller as you walk the streets of Savannah and vist 4 or 5 locals taverns in the process. The nice thing about the city is that you can take your drink anywhere, so if you are at one of these taverns and they decide to move on before you've just bring it with you to the next pub! Make sure you ask to get Greg as your tour guide....he's the best!