Saturday, November 26, 2011

Adventure Day 4

Co-Captain's date 11.26

We left Richmond,VA with one thing on our minds...

A Margarita, in Key West, watching the sunset over the ocean.

The Starship Escalade had a full tank of gas and off we drove South on I-95 as fast as our radar detector allowed.

Welcome to North Carolina...check

Welcome to South Carolina...check

Welcome to Georgia...check y'all

We only had 3 little hiccups.

1.  A radar detector actually has to be "ON" for it to work.

2. Flying truck tires are not good on the interstate.

3. An odd whining coming from the engine.  

Thankfully, the nice police officer let us off with just a warning...

The Starship Escalade couldn't activate its force field fast enough and it only suffered a minor scuff to the front bumper from the flying truck tire.

And who needs AAA when I've got Mr Fix-it Man...

And at a rest area, Mr Redneck Man couldn't walk by without taking a shot.

He countered by saying, "Well, it is Deer Season after all! "...and wouldn't you know, he got high score.

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  1. I'm so glad you started blogging again! I love following your adventures. xoxo