Saturday, November 26, 2011

Adventure Day 3

We woke up refreshed and relieved that we had made it through 'Just Thursday' and were anxious to see what today's adventure had in store.

But where to go from here?

With perfect timing, my friend texted me,'Follow the Sunshine.'

Back in The Starship Escalade...we left Atlantic City and headed South...that is until we ran out of road.

Then our ship came in...

When we arrived at Cape May, NJ our only option was to take the ferry to Delaware.  Like herd of cattle we were corralled in place and  off we sailed.

Side note: for the 30 mile trip it was the best MPG the Starship Escalade has ever seen!

As Marc looked out at the gorgeous panoramic view I can't help but notice the couple in the car next to us...he's asleep and she's reading on a Kindle...I laugh as I think that is a peek into the 'future us'...still traveling...still together...still embarking on an adventure.

Until then, we'll just do our thing...

Me, Marc, and the open road...or sea...

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  1. looks like Jena's light is guiding your way. Happy Just Saturday ! ~margie