Monday, November 22, 2010

Just Thursday

Thanksgiving: CANCELLED.

Adventure:  BOOKED.

Sanity: Still up for grabs.

This time of year…from now until the day after Christmas…is when I go emotionally insane. 

You see, for years I’ve cooked Thanksgiving dinner for our family and Thanksgiving 2006 was the last holiday I got to spend with my        baby girl. 

She moved up to Heaven not long thereafter.

Since then, I’ve tried to face this time period in so many ways, none of which seemed to let me avoid the emotional roller coaster ride from hell.  It’s her anniversary, it’s the Thanksgiving and Christmas season that she’s not a part of anymore, it’s the decorations, the holiday smells and the gift buying that sends me reeling in and out of grief, depression, and wonderful happy memories.  I am at the mercy of this emotional tailspin, and I can’t seem to pull myself out until Dec 26th. 

December 26th seems to have now become one of my favorite days…it’s the day I can say, “It’s over.”

This year I’m trying something new.

This year I’m shaking things up.

This year I’ve cancelled Thanksgiving.


It’s now called: "Just Thursday”  or  “The Thursday formally known as Thanksgiving.”

Why this year?

This year has been a very tumultuous year on so many levels that I don’t think I can handle any more emotional drama.  To force myself to forge through yet another “The Thursday formally known as Thanksgiving”  would surely send me on a disturbing tailspin plunge into an inevitable breakdown and I was afraid I may not recover.

So as to avoid the Funny Farm showing up anytime soon, Marc and I made the decision that on "Just Thursday," we will be getting in our car with just a wallet, a suitcase, and a map.

No reservations, no plans, and no one is expecting us…anywhere…for 10 days.

10 days of adventure.

10 days of spontaneity.

We got the idea from Eric when he and Dean took their cross-country road-trip back in May.

By the way, Dean’s family is where Eric will be giving thanks on "Just Thursday."

I'm not sure this is the answer, but we are all trying something new to get through what we will never understand.

So on "Just Thursday," Marc and I are leaving, bright and early, to get a jump start on our 10-day adventure to nowhere but I bet we'll make good time!

 And watch out, our adventure may be coming to a city near you!

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  1. How exciting and what a great way to spend a usually sad holiday....Cannot wait to hear about it!!!!

  2. Come here!!! You know you want to. Nora wants to see her Aunt Margarete and there's lots of fun stuff going on on the island next through the first week of December.

  3. I was moved by your 18 year old brother died and every holiday is not so jolly since. Hope you make strides in getting through.
    Kristina J.

  4. Sandy, thank you. I can't wait to share our "adventure" never know. Miss you guys. I WILL be making a trip to see you (even if it's not this trip). Give Nora BIG hug and kiss from Aunt Margarete!

    Kristina, I am sorry for your loss. I totally feel for you this holiday. xo

  5. As always, you are an ispiration. I love that you don't give up and that you don't take things lying down. I think the trip is a wonderful idea and I wish you a fabulous adventure!